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We played at the amusement park. We walked. We explored the city. We walked on the beach to the Christ of Vung Tau, climbed the mountain, steps; and then stood on the shoulders of the statue while overlooking the view of the city. The days passed quickly and soon it was time to meet the hydrofoil and return to HCMC.

We debarked the boat and were surrounded by taxi drivers. All of them wanted to take us to our destination, no matter where it was. We were almost picked up and carried by one driver to his car.

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We headed for the airport. I watched as the meter rolled over and the cost of the trip to the airport climbed to more than triple the amount that it should have been. We were being taken for a ride. When we arrived at the airport, we took our bags from the taxi. I handed the driver , VND, twice what the bill should have been; but less than half of the meter reading and told the driver that it was all the money he was going to get from me.

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  • He actually asked for a tip. I told him he had all he was going to get, and we walked away. I felt good about the way the situation got handled. Maybe the driver did too. Back in Binh Duong, we started to pack for our ultimate departure from Vietnam.

    Tune Me What

    It will take place 4 days after we return from the Lembeh Straits, some of the world's best muck diving. We will have more of a report when we check in next Sunday. We will be at two different resorts for two weeks of diving. Our hosts will be the TwoFish. This trip of a lifetime is not going to end. We are back. It was a trip of km of discovery. I know that I want to come back to Vietnam.

    I think I still have a few more years of teaching in me. It is a good time to visit the Lemba Straits. The last few days were spent driving. We went from Nha Trang to Phan Thiet in one fell swoop. It was a total of km, by far the longest stretch of our trip.

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    It took just over 4 hours. We found a fantastic resort on the south side of the city quite by accident. While bumbling our way through the town, we happened to see a sign that advertised a resort of another name and followed the directions. We drove past a few resorts before deciding that we would return to the one we had first passed. We were welcomed with open hands. I say that because when they saw us pull up on the motorbike, they allowed themselves to be kicked into hyperdrive and insisted that the fee for the night be paid in advance.

    I am sure that the management was convinced that we would get up in the middle of the night and leave without paying the bill. The resort must have been a 5 star entity since it was the most expensive place we had stayed. The accommodations lived up to the price. We were treated royally. The next day we were headed home. It was going to be a drive of more than one hundred kilometers, but after the day before it was a piece of cake. We arrived in Binh Duong just before noon. It w as great to be back. We have spent this week getting back in touch with our friends, shopping, and getting our ducks in a row for the upcoming departure.

    Pei Chi, our friend from Taiwan, and a friend of hers are arriving on Sunday. We will meet them at the airport and go directly to the hydrofoil to zoom to Vung Tao. We will spend two days there playing on the beach, going to the amusement park, and climbing the Christ of Vung Tao. We will need to take care of Bob while Hua Hua is in China. She has been invited to take her show, Butterfly Dreams, make a presentation to a large international group of puppeteers, and donate some of her puppet memorabilia to a new puppet museum that is opening soon. We will also get our house in order.

    All the things from the basement were moved to the sun room during the flood in September. We need to sort through them and dispose of those that are not necessary. That should be an interesting time as we look at things we have not seen in many years. It will also be a bit of nostalgia as we discover things that we thought we wanted to keep and wonder why. They are in two groups, Part One and Part two.

    I am sending this early, because I will not be taking my computer to Vung Tao. I will carry the IPad, but not for writing and sending mail. The Vietnamese are going to have to do serious thinking about burying the dead. Cemeteries occupy lots of land. The burial unit is made out of granite or cement and sets above ground.

    As people are getting richer, the burial unit is getting larger and more grand. The Vietnamese respect and honor their ancestors, but soon the dead will take up more space than the living. The big cemeteries are often on land that is not of much use for anything else such as sand dunes. However the fields have graves scattered here and there. There are no cupolas on the houses here in the central part of Vietnam. In the north it must be as decoration and maybe as a skylight to allow more light into the upper room of the house.

    Yesterday on our way to Hues, we passed at least six and maybe more, police checks. They were stopping every bus. The buses are crowded as people are trying to get back to where they work since Tet is finishing. The bus drivers were getting very quick to gather their document and jump out of the bus.

    Found out from the newspaper that the police were checking for overcrowding and prices for tickets. Many of the temples are dedicated to people who were important in some way. Kings and warriors plus scholars have the most devoted followers.

    Rituals are occasionally performed. Some of the places we have stayed haven't had very good internet. I sent the above to Terry last week, but he didn't get it until long after he sent the letter. Some of the limestone mountains in the north are being ground up to make cement. The logo for one of the cement factories is stylize three peak mountain! Food - we eat well. Usually two dishes is plenty. Sometimes one is enough.

    Reading the menu is not always helpful. We had to try fried popcorn. It turned out to be regular yellow corn kernels that had been dusted in cornstarch and then cooked in butter. The seafood has been wonderful. Terry has his card that explains in Vietnamese that he can't eat fish. Occasionally he gets some fish sauce since the locals use it on everything. In my last letter I mistakenly said that the North Koreans occupied a part of Vietnam.

    That was an error. I meant North Vietnamese. No one called on this bit of misinformation. Do you suppose it is because no one really reads what I write? The water puppet show that delayed the delivery of the letter on Sunday was really amazing. We had seats for the show.

    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook
    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook
    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook
    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook
    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook
    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook
    Ayoba:Spirit Of Awesomness Workbook

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