Bun-Buns Big Adventure

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The Perfect Hot Cross Buns

They can be made year-round to enjoy at breakfast, brunch, or just to have around to enjoy as a snack or with tea, coffee, or a vegan hot chocolate. They also have that classic hit of citrus flavour from the orange and lemon zest and the cinnamon and nutmeg complete them and make all the flavours balance perfectly. If you leave the crosses off, you can just call them Easter sweet rolls! And if you make them, please share a pic with me over on Instagram.

Even my non-cake eating boyfriend had one fresh out of the oven! Hi Hannah! No judgment on the store bought stuff. I have has a few other people tell me they made them with chocolate chips too, I will have to try that, it sounds delicious! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a note, I appreciate it. It didnt rise at an hour, or 30 mins or even in the oven.

Your yeast could have been expired. Be sure to check the best before date and if you want to be extra sure, you can test it before using. The water you used to proof the yeast was either too cold or too hot.

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The water needs to be in the perfect temperature range in order for the yeast to activate. If you do use one, be sure that the water temperature is FF. The milk you added was too hot. The area you placed the dough to rise in was not warm enough. The dough needs to rest in a warm place in order for the yeast to keep working. Always be sure to place it in a spot that is warm and has no drafts. I like to put my dough in the oven with the door closed and the light on.

This keeps things warm enough to make the yeast happy.

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The dough was not given enough time to rise…did you let it sit for at least an hour for the first rise and another 20 minutes or so for the second? I hope you try again, the buns are definitely not supposed to come out dense, they should be fluffy, so there was a little mishap along the way. I hope all of this helps, Miriam.

I had the same issue with no rising. They are still delicious, but too dense and unless warmed seem a tad stale. Thanks for adding the above I do think maybe my water was not hot enough after watching the video I did not have that foaming at all. I keep my house a bit on the chilly side.

5 Great Historical Myths And Traditions About Hot Cross Buns, a Pre-Easter Pastry

Will try again for sure, mine have a more rustic look about them Which I actually like, and I think I would leave off the icing and have it as a side option for people to choose if they want or not and then it allows you to warm it and or toast them like I do the store bought ones. I think the lemon and orange zest make this a winner.

Hi Lainey! Sorry you had trouble with the proofing. I would suggest that you look at all the same things I mentioned to the reader here in the comments who had similar issues. I am pretty certain it had to do with the proofing stage of the recipe or possibly had something to do with the yeast you were using.

Despite the recipe not turning out how it was supposed to, I am glad you are able to still enjoy them. I hope you try again! Well I can cross Hot Cross Buns off the list! Fragrant with the orange and lemon, seasoned with the cinnamon and nutmeg with the perfect texture! The maple glade did not leave a taste, but rather a perfect sheen that has been missing in all my baked goods since going vegan. My only issue was a slight sticking to the parchment because I did not use any thing to prevent that, I thought the parchment would not stick, but the recipe is low in fats so perhaps that is why.

Thanks Gwen! You are so welcome, Elise! I am so happy this recipe was able to fill that void for you! Thank you so much for your kind note, enjoy the rest of the batch! Gwen… O. No words can do these justice! I did alter it a bit, although almond milk is a staple for me … so that my peanut allergy little brother would be able to have them I just used water. I also used Lakanto in place of sugar, melted vegan butter in place of the oil and added some cardamom! I love that stuff, lol.

Uh, so so so SOOO good! Thank You for sharing this amazing recipe! Hi Alison! Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to leave me a message, much appreciated. I followed the recipe exactly as stated and they turned out amazing.

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The best batch of hot cross buns I have ever made or even eaten! Thanks for your dedication in working to perfect this recipe.

Buns stuffed with leek and steamed bacon

You are so welcome, Yvette! I am so happy to hear you like them so much.

We tried so many hot cross buns recipes this week. Some were initially vegan, some we had to make that way with substitutes. I agree, no one would know these are vegan! Hi Gwen! Thanks for the Recipe!

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They are my favorite thing about Good Friday! Thanks again! Hi Jessie!


Bobby and Bun Bun's Afternoon Adventure

I agree with you that hot cross buns are the best thing about the upcoming holiday! I did not know about the good luck superstition or the one about hanging them from the rafters! And a little good luck is always a good thing! I will try them as soon as this week… Thank you!

Bun-Buns Big Adventure Bun-Buns Big Adventure
Bun-Buns Big Adventure Bun-Buns Big Adventure
Bun-Buns Big Adventure Bun-Buns Big Adventure
Bun-Buns Big Adventure Bun-Buns Big Adventure
Bun-Buns Big Adventure Bun-Buns Big Adventure

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