DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)

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Although a night owl, Eldritch was the indoor variety. Because it was known we were open around the clock there was usually someone coming back from the pub or club with Claire, most typically Craig, Jez or Danny. This would have most likely been from one of the post punk safe havens in Leeds: The Faversham pub or one of two clubs - The Warehouse and Le Phonographique.

God bless him, he did like an argument. Third, were Salvation, a group put together by Horigan. It was Eldritch who fixed the details of whatever the deal between MR and Rhino was.

The lounge of Village Place also doubled as a makeshift design studio. My memory is of him coming back from a stay with John Ashton the guitarist in The Psychedelic Furs in London with the song complete. In fact, the obviously Lemmy-like bass-line pre-dated The Sisters. Adams had written it for The Expelaires, one of his previous groups. My attitude did change. One of the great things about punk was that it allowed people to express themselves without the pressure of careerism. Eldritch had dropped out of two universities.

Without a degree, the most likely career path for a man of his talents - the diplomatic service - was closed. In fact, with his very specific skill-set - languages, programming and cryptic puzzles — Eldritch had already missed his calling by a generation: cracking coded U-boat messages at Bletchley Park. Eldritch wrote the words — about a heroin addict and some of his least opaque - Marx the music. As usual, this had been prepped at Village Place.

Eldritch was out of his depth, even in a small 8-track studio like KG. There was nothing unusual in this. Eldritch has spent huge portions of his time in The Sisters deliberately over-reaching himself. Sometimes the results have been utter car crashes, mostly they have been glorious. Even some of the pile-ups have been magnificent. To operate the action you had to wedge a fork in and use that as the lever.

I love that jumble sale aspect of what we did. The semi-whispering and falsetto vocals came about because he was trying not to make too much noise while recording them at Village Place on the night-shift. Whether this was arrogance or bravery, he continued to learn, at a rapid pace. To do some of his finest work, Eldritch sometimes had to sacrifice looking cool. Andrew did his vocals wearing a bobble hat to help combat the sound bleeding through: the supposed Prince of Darkness looking like a cross between Mike Nesmith of The Monkees and Benny from the soap opera Crossroads.

The Reptile House was a journey up river into the dark heart of the body politic - sophisticated, witty, heavy. Eldritch painstakingly made the lyric sheet for the EP, each letter needing individually dry-rubbing from a Letraset sheet. They headlined the final night of Parkingang, a well-funded alternative arts and music festival in Ancona in very late July The gig in a central plaza was awful, but the trip was memorable. Ben took his expensive camera, which I managed to drop in the sea.

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I then trod on several sea urchins and spent the next few days almost crippled, walking around in my brothel creepers with the skin around the spines getting more and more infected. The gig itself had problems, other than being in broad daylight and in a downtown shopping district. The Doktor blurted out repeatedly during the very solemn and lengthy introduction in Flemish the band were being given. There were further technical issues. Several of the travelling Yorkshire contingent had climbed into a fountain and a fight had broken out.

This intervention was witnessed by more bemused late shoppers, than it was by rock fans.

The police were still looking for troublemakers after the gig, when they found The Sisters in the middle of a photo-shoot in a side-street. They and their crew were rounded up. As this Brussels show had demonstrated, The Doktor did not just impact the sound of The Sisters, he also shaped the dynamic of shows and the relationships within the band. He regularly made a mess of things with the obvious consequence that Andrew tore into him and Ben became ever more anxious.

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The longeurs necessitated by the drums, created dead time for Eldritch to fill. He knew the camaraderie was important and he was part of that. As well as roadying, Webb and Horigan were the cheerleaders.

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Ancona and Brussels were just one-off dates. Neil Sedaka and Joy Division had also recorded there. At KG, they had slept on the studio floor. Marx thought Eldritch was wasting his time. Hearing the chorus kick in for the first time is one of the landmark moments of my life. Boy, did he gloat!

The way the multi-tracked vocals sound is very reminiscent of the Diamond Dogs album for me — no bad thing. When they left Strawberry the final recordings of their golden year were complete. The Sisters of Mercy had very little material left over.

Zayde Wolf Breaks Down New Album 'Golden Age' Track-By-Track: Exclusive | Music Times

I really loved it and nagged the hell out of Andrew to finish it. The problem was that it was the nearest we ever came to doing something that you could say had a groove. Suddenly all these two-bob Indie Funk bands came through. We must have decided to distance ourselves from that trend. They played the latter twice in three days.

Alan Vega also visited the band backstage at Danceteria. Adams has his own vivid memories.

Destiny's Drum by L. Ron Hubbard

She was all too aware. He used to drive me insane. A lot of the time I was really out of it. Yet, in the late summer of , although there was evident friction, their association was still intact. Also, being in a band and under 21 in the USA could be ignominious.

Not only could Gunn not drink in the clubs, he could barely get through the door. This time Liverpool filled the gap. I suspect it was just to show us roughly what he looked like on the cover. The sitting room was, as ever, dimly lit.

Stories from the Golden Age collection--L. Ron Hubbard--All 80 books

I never met Andy Taylor. The persona was already all in place. Apparently, I asked Wayne to lend me a fiver. Nevertheless, he quickly made his mind up that he wanted to join.

DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age) DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)
DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age) DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)
DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age) DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)
DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age) DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)
DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age) DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)
DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age) DestinyS Drum (Stories from the Golden Age)

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