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Like when I'd be down there, they would come over to Liberty and the kids would all get to play. Play in the sandpile.

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Do you remember if, after , that you ever met her at your Uncle's home? Did you ever play in the summer? But it's kind of vague. Here's another picture that was taken there in Liberty also. In other words, you haven't seen the snapshot in an album, a family album anywhere. But I would not have had those. Their daughter had all of their belongings like that.

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They're the ones that might have whatever was passed down. My mother went to Ireland and she said that she went through a cemetery and she said they were just loaded with Wogans. So you remember these incidents, playing with Margaret there in the backyard of your Uncle's home and your Uncle's talking politics while you were young. Did you have any particular interest, or did you pick up any particular interest in politics because of that?

I remember how excited everybody was when Mr. Truman got to be a judge and then, of course, when. Then I remember when President Roosevelt died and Mr.

Truman became President. Roosevelt died and Mr. They were living in Kansas City then; they had moved to Kansas City. The year, I couldn't really tell you. Senator and he was gone, and he could have gone to visit them [the Wogans] and I wouldn't have known it. It was my mother. It was when he was testing the waters; Mr. Truman was testing the waters for the Senate seat.

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He came up. Uncle Leo and Uncle Father, and Mr. Truman, they all came up together, and of course, they had a meeting with grandpa and everything. So, my mother is fixing a nice meal for them. It was a hot scorching day in the summertime, and of course, she's cooking on a wood stove. If you know what that is, and a hot day, on a wood stove, and here are these three guys standing around kidding her and tormenting her.

Truman says, "It's sure hot in here, Rose. Mother said, "Oh, I'm so embarrassed. He would have to get up and use that. My other sister was fixing the table in the dining room, and I'm out there peeling potatoes. I started that the summer my dad was killed. Mother put the oven door down, and. Shoot, you were lucky [to get one]. You didn't have a lot of presents then. Jacob's brother Maurice, Maurice Milligan, was in the race. The Milligans had grown up apparently in Richmond, which isn't that far from Liberty.

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What was their feeling toward Milligan. Do you remember anything about that? Do you remember if your uncles attended the funeral of Tom Pendergast? He started that St. Charles Parish over there. When he. Truman was out of the White House. Well, anyway, he was not able to come to the funeral but he sent a condolence to my mother, which I still have -- or I don't have it here, but it's with her things. BENNETT: Not really, because I went to grade school and high school, and I spent a couple of summers with another great aunt that was my grandfather's sister; I spent those summers going up and helping her out, and then I'd go to school and have a little old job after school.

I'll tell you it was rough. After I got out of high school, Remington Arms was hiring and I came down there and got a job there. I worked there before I went back to business school. Well, I worked there and then after the war was over then I went back and. JOHNSON: In regard to your uncle, the priest, you know, with some protestant churches, in particular, the pastors are more or less warned against getting involved in partisan politics. Was it expected that a priest, if he was going to be involved in politics, he would support a Democrat candidate? Was that expected? That's interesting.

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It's mentioned in. The Chaplain of the Missouri American Legion. Father Wogan endorsed Senator Truman. Did you ever hear that name? Did they remain active and interested throughout Truman's career, or were they You would have been, what, 18 years old I guess. Do you remember if they were involved in helping him in the campaign?

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As far as you know, was there another picnic, and if so, did he appear there? At that time he was back in the service; he was in the Army as a chaplain. He went from Cameron back into service. See, he was in the Navy in World War I. He was stationed in Omaha, and he always did laugh about that. It was after they sold the. While he was in Ogallala he became very ill, and the closest hospital was Fitzsimmons in Denver.

I remember Eileen, his daughter, and I got on the train and rode all night from Kansas City to Denver. I never will forget walking in the room, and he said, "I've got both my girls now. He was Jay Bennett's grandfather. He was from Lone Jack. Jay always talked about his grandfather.

He [John Bynum] knew Mr.

Truman, and he was like my grandfather was up in that part of Missouri, that you always go to John Bynum and he Did you mention on the phone that your uncle introduced Truman, or something about a state convention? I know Ike real well. But this was something in his honor, and you don't go poking your nose in where it doesn't belong. We're just recalling the day, April 12, when President Roosevelt died. And you were at Lake City? I was living with my Uncle Leo and Aunt Bella at the time. I came home that night and at mealtime grace was said, and they both said, "God bless and help Harry.

Truman, Harry S. Bennett Oral History Interview.

Dont Forget Frances
Dont Forget Frances
Dont Forget Frances
Dont Forget Frances
Dont Forget Frances

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