Echoes from the Infantry

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Echoes from the Infantry

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Learn About Membership. Here a dreadful slaughter ensued, as the soldiers set about the Royalist women with their swords, killing at least a hundred of them, and savagely mutilating many more.

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Little evidence has survived about the individual women who suffered at Naseby, though we do catch just an occasional glimpse of them in the historical record. Yet, poignant as this brief record is, it tells us next to nothing about the flesh-and-blood woman for whom it now stands as the sole surviving epitaph.

James I and VI] and father [i. In proof of her claim that she had been appointed to this office — the chief duty of which was to strew sweet-smelling flowers and herbs around the royal lodgings — in succession to her mother, Rumney enclosed a certificate signed by one Peter Newton, a former household servant to Charles I. Had she been continuing to carry out her pre-war duties at the peripatetic court which sprang up in the field wherever Charles I halted as he marched across the countryside on campaign?

Was Bridget Rumney with her mother on the day that the latter was killed? Had they been young men serving in the Cavalier army? Or had they been mere boys, fleeing alongside their grandmother — and their mother, too, perhaps — as the troopers bore down on the terrified throng of civilians streaming along the road from Naseby to Farndon?

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Our last blog looked at the impact that a soldier's injuries might have on his wife and their ability to…. One of the main objectives of Civil War Petitions is to gain a better understanding of what kind of medical…. The Civil Wars were a multi-national and multi-ethnic conflict.

The fact that the violence was exported to places such as…. In the late summer of , as civil war in England became ever more likely, people at all social levels….

Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry
Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry
Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry
Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry
Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry
Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry
Echoes from the Infantry Echoes from the Infantry

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