Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)

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    The fictional vampire, however, often has a pale appearance rather than the dark or ruddy skin of folkloric vampires and their skin is cool to the touch. As in folklore, literary vampires can usually be warded off with garlic and symbols of Christian faith such as holy water , the crucifix , or a rosary. According to literary scholar Nina Auerbach in Our Vampires Ourselves , the influence of the moon was seen as dominant in the earliest examples of vampire literature:.

    For at least fifty years after Planche's Vampire, the moon was the central ingredient of vampire iconography; vampire's solitary and repetitive lives consisted of incessant deaths and — when the moon shone down on them — quivering rebirths. Ruthven, Varney and Raby need marriage and blood to replenish their vitality but they turn for renewed life to the moon Bram Stoker's Dracula was hugely influential in its depiction of vampire traits, some of which are described by the novel's vampire expert Abraham Van Helsing. Dracula has the ability to change his shape at will, his featured forms in the novel being that of a wolf, bat, dust and fog.

    He can also crawl up and down the vertical external walls of his castle, in the manner of a lizard. One very famous trait Stoker added is the inability to be seen in mirrors, which is not found in traditional Eastern European folklore. Dracula also had protruding teeth, though was preceded in this by Varney the Vampire and Carmilla. In the novel, the vampire hunter Van Helsing prescribes that a vampire be destroyed by a wooden stake preferably made of white oak through the heart, decapitation , drowning, or incineration.


    The vampire's head must be removed from its body, the mouth stuffed with garlic and holy water or relics, the body drawn and quartered, then burned and spread into the four winds, with the head buried on hallowed ground. The destruction of the vampire Lucy follows the three-part process enjoined by Van Helsing staking, decapitation, and garlic in the mouth. Traditional vampire folklore, followed by Stoker in Dracula , does not usually hold that sunlight is fatal to vampires, though they are nocturnal. It is also notable in the novel that Dracula can walk about in the daylight, in bright sunshine, though apparently in discomfort and without the ability to use most of his powers, like turning into mist or a bat.

    He is still strong and fast enough to struggle with and escape from most of his male pursuers. It is only with the film Nosferatu that daylight is depicted as deadly to vampires.

    Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique) Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)
    Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique) Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)
    Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique) Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)
    Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique) Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)
    Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique) Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)
    Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique) Fragments de ténèbres (SF / Fantastique)

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