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And it looks pretty fun too. Miko 2 was developed with Child behaviour specialists to ensure all content is age appropriate and productive.

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With the interactive voice trigger mode, Miko 2 allows for and can hold discussions with users on millions of topics. Children can converse and have their questions answered about history, maths and science — making the Miko 2 a personal robot with a built in, child-safe search engine. The Miko 2 is not just a study buddy, that your children will in turn grow to dislike.

Miko uses natural emotive cues within its interactions and expresses the appropriate emotion. This advanced personal robot also doubles as companion providing endless hours of entertainment with fun activities such as puzzles, trivia games and fun quizzes.

Miko also encourages engagement and being active with the ability to sing songs and bust dance moves on your bedroom floor. She cradles and caresses a glass sphere while a haunting pop song plays.

Miko, Cluj-Napoca

The figure recalls a fortune-teller with her proverbial crystal ball, but she also invites other interpretations that coexist uneasily: she can be seen as a bodhisattva—a spiritual guide who forgoes nirvana out of compassion for those who suffer—but she also resembles a model promoting a new product, gazing directly at the audience with her glass orb seductively in hand.

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To help improve this record, please email. About this artwork Working with a studio of designers and technicians, Mariko Mori uses sophisticated technology to realize ambitious productions in diverse media including video, large-scale photography, and 3-D imaging.

Miko 2 Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation and Play

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