Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)

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The diocese honours especially St. Vincent de Collioure, martyr end of the third century ; and St. Eulalia and St. Julia, virgins and martyrs end of third century. In memory of former ties with the metropolis of Tarragona, the Church of Perpignan honours several Spanish saints: St. Ildefonsus , Archbishop of Toledo. The Benedictine Dom Briard , who continued the important series of "Historiens de France", belonged to Perpignan.

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Numerous councils were held at Elne: in , , , , , , , , and The council held in decreed that no one should attack his enemy from Saturday at nine o'clock to Monday at one; and that Holy Mass be said for the excommunicated for a space of three months, to obtain their conversion. The author of "l'Art de verifier les Dates" wrongly maintains that the Council of Elvira was held at Elne. Abdon and Sennen at Arles on the Tech. Prior to the application of the Law of , the Diocese of Perpignan had Capuchin Fathers and various orders of teaching Brothers.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the religious congregations directed in the diocese 1 infant school, 13 day nurseries, 1 boys' orphanage, 2 girls' orphanages, 8 hospitals or asylums, and 2 houses for the care of the sick in their own homes. In there were , inhabitants, 26 parishes, succursal parishes, and 43 vicariates subventioned by the state. Gallia Christiana, nova, VI , , Instr. University of Perpignan. In the charter he praised "the deep learning of the professors of Perpignan".


Francis, while the number of the Admonitions 2 and the order in which they are given in the different codices are almost the same as in the Laurentian codex at Florence, dating from the thirteenth century. Codices containing the Admonitions of St. Francis are to be found at the following places 1. Assist Munic. Berlin Royal lib. Florence Laurentian lib. Edition: current; Page: [ 4 ] cod. Plut XIX dextr. Florence cod. Floriano monast lib.

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Foligno cod. Lemberg Univ. Luttich Munic. Munich Royal lib.

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Naples Nation lib. Canon miscell. Paris Mazarin lib. Paris codex at lib. Prague Metrop. Rome codex at St. Rome archiv. Rome Vatic. Toledo capit.

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  • LACAME 2004: Proceedings of the 9th Latin American Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect, (LACAME 2004) held in Mexico City, Mexico, 19-24 September 2004!
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  • I, fol. XII, P. But for the titles and paragraphing, which differ more or less in different codices, the Laurentian codex has been followed 3. No man cometh to the Father, but by Me. If you had known Me you would, without doubt, have known My Father also: and from henceforth you shall Edition: current; Page: [ 6 ] know Him, and you have seen Him. Philip saith to Him: Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us. Jesus saith to him: Have I been so long a time with you and have you not known Me? Philip, he that seeth Me seeth [My] Father also.

    How sayest thou, Shew us the Father? Wherefore, all those who saw the Lord Jesus Christ according to humanity and did not see and believe according to the Spirit and the Divinity, that He was the Son of God, were condemned. Wherefore [he who has] 2 the Spirit of the Lord which dwells in His faithful, he it is who receives the most holy Body and Blood of the Lord: all others who do not have this same Spirit and who presume to receive Him, eat and drink judgment to themselves.

    But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat. For one eats of the tree of knowledge of good who appropriates to himself his own will 2 and prides himself upon the goods which the Lord publishes and works in him and thus, through the suggestion of the devil and transgression of the commandment, he finds the apple of the knowledge of evil; wherefore, it behooves that he suffer punishment. And if at times a subject sees things which would be better or more useful to his soul than those which the Edition: current; Page: [ 9 ] superior commands him, let him sacrifice his will to God, let him strive to fulfil the work enjoined by the superior.

    For he who would rather suffer persecution than wish to be separated from his brethren, truly abides in perfect obedience because he lays down his life for his brothers.

    Le manuscrit franciscain retrouvé | Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes

    Consider, O man, how great the excellence in which the Lord has placed you because He has created and formed you to the image of His beloved Son according to the body and to His own likeness according to the spirit. Wherefore then can you glory? For if you were so clever and wise that you possessed all science, and if you knew how to interpret every form of language and to investigate heavenly things minutely, you could not glory in all this, because one demon has known more of heavenly things and still knows more of earthly things than all men, although there may be some man who has received from the Lord a special knowledge of sovereign wisdom.

    In like manner, if you were handsomer and richer than all others, and even if you could work wonders and put the demons to flight, all these things are hurtful to you and in nowise belong to you, and in them you cannot glory; that, however, in which we may glory is in our infirmities, 2 and in Edition: current; Page: [ 11 ] bearing daily the holy cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. François d'Assise

    Let us all, brothers, consider the Good Shepherd who to save His sheep bore the suffering of the Cross. The sheep of the Lord followed Him in tribulation and persecution and shame, in hunger and thirst, in infirmity and temptations and in all other ways; 1 and for these things they have received everlasting life from the Lord. Wherefore it is a great shame for us, the servants of God, that, whereas the Saints have practised works, we should expect to receive honor and glory for reading and preaching the same.

    And those religious are killed by the letter who will not follow the spirit of the Holy Scriptures, but who seek rather to know the words only and to interpret them to others. And they are quickened by the spirit of the Holy Scriptures who do not interpret Edition: current; Page: [ 12 ] materially every text they know or wish to know, but who by word and example give them back to God from whom is all good.

    Histoire des religions

    There are many who if they commit sin or suffer wrong often blame their enemy or their neighbor. But this is not right, for each one has his enemy in his power,—to wit, the body by which he sins. Wherefore blessed is that servant who always holds captive the enemy Edition: current; Page: [ 13 ] thus given into his power and wisely guards himself from it, for so long as he acts thus no other enemy visible or invisible can do him harm.

    To the servant of God nothing should be displeasing save sin. And no matter in what way any one may sin, if the servant of God is troubled or angered—except this be through charity—he treasures up guilt to himself. Thus may the servant of God know if he has the Spirit of God: if when the Lord works some good through him, his body—since it is ever at variance with all that is good—is not therefore puffed up; but if he rather becomes viler in his own sight and if he esteems himself less than other men.

    How much interior patience and humility a servant of God may have cannot be known so long as he is contented 1 But when the time comes that those who ought to please him go against him, as much patience and humility as he then shows, so much has he and no more. These are not poor in spirit: for he who is truly poor in spirit, hates himself and loves those who strike him on the cheek. Blessed is that servant who is not more puffed up because of the good the Lord says and works through him than because of that which He says and works through others. A man sins who wishes to receive more from his neighbor than he is himself willing to give to the Lord God. Blessed is the man who bears with his neighbor according to the frailty of his nature as much as he would wish to be borne with by him if he should be in a like case.

    Blessed is the servant who does not regard himself as better when he is esteemed and extolled by men than when he is reputed as mean, simple, and despicable: for what a man is in the sight of God, so much he is, and no more. And blessed is that servant who is raised in dignity not by his own will and who always desires to be beneath the feet of others.

    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition) Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)
    Saint François dAssise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) (French Edition)

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