The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)

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Followed by a prank call to Ike Perlmutter. Ending with a fanboy call to Kevin Feige. A divisive series finale didn't stop the Game of Thrones showrunners from cleaning up at the Emmys with 12 trophies — including best drama. First, though, they're headed to a galaxy far, far away to write and produce a new Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm.

Both: " Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. If only every history teacher were like this. Weiss: "I bought the Game of Thrones guitars that Fender made. I had no choice in the matter once I saw them. In a year bookended by triumphs — Vice , nominated for three Oscars, and HBO's Emmy-winning Succession — Will Ferrell's former wingman has become Hollywood's chronicler of civilization in decline.

His is about founding his production company and prepping Showtime , an HBO pilot about the '80s heyday of the L. They've been keeping our noses dry and clean for years. It's time there was a Kleenex movie. He's behind three action films — Gemini Man which fizzled over the Oct. I think he's just a phenomenal, phenomenal voice. Empire Strikes Back is one of my favorite movies of all time and personally, as a fan, I can't wait to see what J.

I think I'll leave the rest up to [Lucasfilm's] Kathy [Kennedy] and her team.

At the moment, I think Ashley McBryde is just an absolutely brilliant singer-songwriter. It's been a quiet year for the elusive star, 36, who unveiled Guava Island at Coachella ahead of his headlining slot at the fest, then debuted the music movie exclusively on Amazon Prime. Next up: two more seasons of FX's Emmy-winning Atlanta. Glickman: "My favorite is Lizzo and I'm going to get her on our roster if it's the last thing I do.


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Burnett: "Nick Cannon. He's a force. Unscripted, sitcom, drama, features, that guy can do it all. Glickman: "We already have the best IP — we already have Mr. Bond on active duty — so I'm not coveting any other IP. It was an emerald flower — emerald is for 20th anniversary, which in Hollywood is like your th anniversary. Glickman: "I don't talk to anybody under 13, but my daughter is 14 and she showed me TikTok. I swore to her as part of the agreement that I would never post on it. Glickman: "Yoda — because he would give me sage wisdom on how to get Bob Iger to call me back sometime, probably.

Preferably from the 40s and 50s. And sometimes, music in that period from around the world in different languages. But of course one or two people controlling everything is never a good thing. It limits individualism and creativity. Immune from the ratings scrutiny suffered by his broadcast peers, Pedowitz, 66, has found a fruitful path to launching long-running series. His unique platform has built a strong reputation with advertisers for youth-skewing originals Riverdale , The Flash , newcomer Nancy Drew. And since each series is owned by co-parent Warner Bros.

But for how long?

In The Heights

Looking ahead, Rogen sets a goal of "obtaining more power," while Goldberg, 37, is focused on "obtaining more power than Seth. Goldberg: "… that it will quicken the inevitable reality wherein we all work for Disney forevermore. The former AMC president spent his first year at Fox building up studios. He's also prepping for a future without pricey hits The Simpsons and Family Guy , teaming with Bento Box for an in-house animation studio.

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Fox now has an ownership stake in all new programming even as it focuses on live sports. The former Freeform head of originals has made big strides in her year at ABC, weathering the Oscars' host fiasco to a ratings uptick. Looking ahead, Burke, 53, is making live programming a top priority, working with Jimmy Kimmel who signed to a new long-term contract and Norman Lear on comedy events following his Emmy winner Live in Front of a Studio Audience. Sherman: "Billie Eilish.

Singular talent. Unique musical perspective. And my year-old daughter got me into her. Great guests. Refreshing, honest conversation. Sherman: "They weren't under 13, but during casting many Love Island contestants explained Hinge to Kelly and me. Thanks to the multihyphenate loophole by which clients who also direct, act or produce can retain representation while still "firing" their writing agent , ICM Partners under Silbermann, 51, has held on to the likes of Shonda Rhimes and Vince Gilligan amid agencies' battle with the Writers Guild, alongside longtime marquee clients from Ellen DeGeneres to Samuel L.

Silbermann recently reorganized ICM's senior management team to free him up to focus on the agency's growth strategy, indicating that ICM may be making more aggressive moves in the near future.

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But the future is bright for the year-old comedy powerhouse, with Jumanji: The Next Level coming out Dec. As of Oct. Verizon lets me talk to people all the time. After a breakout first season of Fleabag , Waller-Bridge topped expectations with the second. History remains a powerhouse outlet with male viewers, and Lifetime flexed its prestige muscles with Surviving R. I am a huge fan of the show and would have paired the final season with the last two seasons of Vikings.

I have been a fan of his since The Tipping Point , and with his podcast, I really appreciate reflecting back on what we think was true and re-examining it. I also am a big fan of The Daily. It's an action shot that a friend took at his concert and it's really fantastic, so I would have to say Bruce Springsteen.

Barris, 45, left ABC Studios in after signing a three-year, eight-figure deal with Netflix, and his first two projects for the streamer are well underway: sketch comedy series Astronomy Club and Black Excellence , a comedy in which he'll star still under his purview: broadcast shows Black-ish , Grown-ish and Mixed-ish.

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The worst thing is more work! It's impossible to find people.

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The days of a murderers' row of writers is over. Is there a huge demand for minute movies and shows that can be viewed only on a phone? Hey, it's Katzenberg, and the town is littered with the bodies of those who've bet against him. Actors can sometimes convince studios to take on bold new projects. But Jordan, 32, persuaded WarnerMedia to launch an entirely new policy — centered on inclusion — and the first film made under it, Just Mercy Jordan produced and stars , is a likely awards contender.

He signed first-look deals this year for his Outlier Society banner with Warner Bros. She's the top-grossing female star of all time thanks to her Avengers films. In , she'll be back to superheroes, exec producing and starring in Black Widow , the first female-fronted action movie to open the summer box office season. Both: "Creators with something new to say have never been more valuable. With the stakes so high at the box office, playing it safe has never been more tempting or more dangerous.

Both: "All of them.

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  8. Especially Neko Astume: Kitty Collector , an app where you collect pretend cats. Nobody has a better eye for Oscar material. In fact, Participant it dropped "Media" this year as part of a rebrand scored 17 noms in , a company record.

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    For Skoll, 54, and Linde, 59, the coming awards race looks promising too, with Michael B. What do you do after directing the biggest hit of all time? He also oversees the Shrek franchise, one of the most valuable properties at corporate sibling DreamWorks Animation. Warner Bros. Abrams is exec producing. Her Netflix limited series When They See Us collected 16 Emmy nominations — the most for any of the streamer's shows — and rewrote the story of the Central Park jogger case in the public consciousness. Docter: "I'd want sole rights to the song 'Happy Birthday.

    Docter: "Best thing: the name 'merger mania.

    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)
    The Heights (The  Cameron-Fox saga Book 2) The Heights (The Cameron-Fox saga Book 2)

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