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Poor Billy will have only The formula for hit chances has a 90 percent-plus accuracy rating. Subchances make SOM click. Without them you may as well be playing APBA.

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From the final statistics of the AL season, SOM can give a different amount of bits to batters ranging from a lowly. That's only part of the power of 4, subchances. Imagine a batter who hits 1 triple in plate appearances. If he faces the same pitchers, SOM can numerically exact the same result. SOM has the ability to take into account all of the pitchers faced by the batter, and, despite the low ratio of triples to plate appearances, a triple will still appear on the batters card.

An amazing feat, considering there is 0. This is accomplished by proportioning, or sharing, the result. Most of the things that can happen in an at-bat can occur on both the pitcher's card and hitter's card. This is how players can keep their numeric identity. Have there ever been two completely identical SOM cards in history? More amazing, SOM has unlimited ability to translate card formulas to computer.

Today's impurities come from the data available and the computers themselves. Be assured that in the future's data-rich computer environment, this game can exact the result of every hitter's every plate appearance and every pitcher's every batter-faced. While the computer's potential may be limitless, the cards have a mystique that the computer cannot provide.

The SOM manager physically removes an ineffective pitcher, studies the bench for the right card, even rips up the second baseman who chokes in the clutch.

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Face-to-face in the big game, managers forget about wood and ink, it's flesh and blood. That's the strength of SOM. It comes from the power of subchances. Time to see how more subchances work.

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Row it works: Extra base hits XB H have the same basic formula. The batter's XBH per plate appearance is proportioned to the 4, subchances. Again, the ,-IS and represent the amount of double, triple and homerun subchances that should appear on the average pitcher's card. About 20 percent of your calculations will result in negative numbers. Replace those with zero.

The formula to determine these variables vary slightly:. Rounded oft the AL effect is , the NL The 0. In 16 starts this season, the fourth-year senior had strikeouts and 2. He hit.

After starting the draft with three high-schoolers, the Mets have selected seven straight four-year college seniors. The year-old senior was named All-AAC first team at first base. The Mets grab their first left-handed pitcher of the draft in Wollersheim, a year-old senior who stands at 6-foot He had a 4. Could be an upside bat here for the Mets.

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At one point this season Ritter had a game on-base streak for the Shockers. He had nine homers, 40 RBI, 16 doubles and 47 runs along with 12 steals. The Mets grab their second center fielder in three rounds with Ashford, a year-old listed at , pounds. In 54 games this season, the left-handed hitter has a. He also had 10 steals. With the Mets looking to sign Allan, they took another college senior in Jones with their fifth-round pick. In his senior season, Jones pitched to the tune of a 2. The Mets returned to position players in the fourth round, going with the switch-hitting Mangum.

He is a stud at the plate, owning a career. At 6-foot-1, pounds, Mangum has some room to potentially grow into a more powerful hitter. But his skillset, that involves speed and solid defense as well, makes for a solid prospect. This was his tweet The Mets just took my 1 player available for day two, prep right-hander Matt Allan, a definite first-round talent and the best prep arm available. This could be an absolute steal for the Mets if they're able to sign him. The Mets wouldn't have wasted a draft choice on him if they didn't think they'd be able to sign him, so it will be intriguing to see if they do.

Allan possesses the prototypical pitchers frame at 6-foot-3, pounds, and has the stuff to go with it. Wolf may be only 6-foot-2 and pounds, but his aresenal on the mound doesn't reflect that. His fastball has touched 97 mph and with a devastating curveball, slider, and changeup as well. One of the best, pure lefty hitters in this Draft, the Mets went with the year-old at No.

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  • Rounds 11-40 took place on Wednesday.
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Scouts told John Harper , "he's about as dynamic a hitter as I can remember seeing when you consider his combination of power and pure hitting ability. Tommy Tanous, the Mets VP of international and amateur scouting, explained to the media in a conference call that the Mets liked his ability at the plate as well. So there'a a lot to like with him over the last few years. He was the most advanced high school hitter on the board. The annual GM Meetings take place from Nov. While the big event of the offseason is the Winter Meetings each December, things often start to take shape at the GM meetings.

Van Wagenen discussed the Mets' offseason plans while introducing Carlos Beltran as manager last Monday, but he didn't go into detail. The franchise's former right fielder from , Strawberry's year career started in New York, where he earned seven of his eight All-Star honors and helped led the Mets to the World Series championship. We'll be talking about Pete Alonso and Aaron Judge for years to come, especially if their careers keep soaring from here. How lucky are we to have dueling sluggers with personality plus tearing up the same baseball town at the same time? Alonso, who broke Judge's rookie home run record last season, likely will add another connection to Judge on Monday, when the National League Rookie of the Year is announced.

The Mets first baseman must be the choice, unless there is a significant tear in the space-time continuum or something similarly seismic.

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Judge won the AL Award in when he set the homer record Alonso 53 homers eventually beat by one. With all these links between the two, comparisons are natural. Who's better? Where will their careers end up? SNY asked some baseball brains to talk about the similarities and differences between the sluggers and we looked at some numbers from their respective rookie seasons.

Hefner will meet with team officials at the general manager's meetings in Scottsdale Arizona, looking to become the second former Mets player to join the staff this offseason, with the team hiring Carlos Beltran to be their new manager earlier this month. The year-old was the assistant pitching coach for the Twins this past season after having joined the team back in as an advanced scout.

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Beltran, who was named the Mets' 22nd manager last week, had previously told the team that Collins would be his ideal bench coach, according to Martino. A source told John Harper that Collins would have accepted the job if offered. The year-old Colon, who played for the Mets from to , has yet to officially retire from the MLB, despite not pitching since with the Texas Rangers.

The Mets farm system as a whole is in a bit of a transition phase.

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But they also had a great MLB Draft where they landed three big time prospects. New York does not currently have a lot as far as top prospects who are on the verge of making a big league impact. I won't be writing here about the Andres Gimenez types or the David Peterson types who I believe are likely to contribute to the Mets in but are highly regarded prospects in the system.

Instead, the focus here will be on prospects who might come from out of nowhere a bit to make a contribution to the big league team next season. Here are three under-the-radar prospects I believe you could see contributing in Queens in Mets rookie Pete Alonso is expected to take home some hardware on Monday when the Rookie of the Year awards are announced, but he was snubbed Thursday night when it came to another potential honor.

Freddie Freeman of the Braves won the National League Silver Slugger award at first base, given annually to the player in each league deemed the best hitter at each position. He was a great player himself. I think he brings some great leadership to the team, and he's very passionate about the game.

I think we're all excited to have him as our leader. Matz went on to talk about how Beltran's experience as a recent player should help the team a lot. He will learn on the job," Hernandez said. He learned there, so it's not like he's coming in cold. He's aware of the analytics and that's part of the game, and managers today, you have to work with a more hands-on general manager and that analytic team, which Brodie has.

A manager has to lead, players want to be led, and I think that he'll provide that. If Zack Wheeler departs via free agency, the Mets will have a hole to fill in the starting rotation. Should they consider filling it with a former bitter rival? Cole Hamels , who will turn 36 years old before the season, had a 3.

At this stage, Hamels -- who spent the first nine years of his career with the Phillies -- is looking to land with a contender. And he's open to inking a one-year deal, he told MLB. The Mets announced on Oct.

Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples) Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples)
Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples) Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples)
Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples) Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples)
Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples) Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples)
Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples) Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples)
Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples) Triple Chance #1 (Luke Chance Triples)

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