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With Fire and Sword: An Historical Novel of Poland and Russia by Henryk Sienkiewicz

In , Poland is a land facing complete destruction with fire and sword. It may come from without, as the Tartar hordes swarm over the steppes, turning cities to ash and the Poles to slaves.

If Poland is to survive, it will depend on the heroes who rise in her time of need. Yeremi Vishnovyetski, the warrior-prince who alone can lead his people to victory … if they are wise enough to accept his leadership. The diminutive soldier Michael Volodiyovski, ever unlucky at love, but never equaled as a swordsman.

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword

Longin Podbipyenta, the Lithuanian giant whose sacred vow to remain unmarried until he performs an impossible feat in battle is complicated when he falls madly in love. Introduction by D. Play Book I, Chapter 1. Book I, Chapter 2.

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Book I, Chapter 3. Book I, Chapter 4. Book I, Chapter 5. Book I, Chapter 6. Book I, Chapter 7. Book I, Chapter 8. We'll publish rules for Task Force commanded by him as pdf. This task force will be also available and in our online Army Creator. New sets in our online store May They will be available in US store in the second half of May when Karl returns from the trip to Poland. Plastic horses Monday, 17 December As you have already seen plastic horses we have mentioned some time ago become reality.

With Fire and Sword - Battle of Zhovti Vody (Poles vs. Ukrainians)

It's very important move in By Fire and Sword's development which allow us significantly increase our production capacities and in consequence introduce our game to much more stores. Two types are ready you can see them at pictures and their mass production is going at this moment.

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For next three types moulds are currently produced and they will be moved to mass production in a few weeks. We don't have premiere date set in stone yet, we'll do it as soon as all types are ready and delivered to our warehouse. We expect that it will happen in late March or late April.

Popular Edition.

What about riders and infantry? The last element of the system are gadgets — markers and dice — made in the style of the period.

By Fire and Sword - the game

Scale of the game. One thing we tried to remember during the creation of the game, was that wargaming is most of all, good fun.

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  • For this reason the information on scale of the game given below should be considered as an approximation. Our aim was to design a historical wargame which would foremost be fun to play. This means that our priority was to make By Fire and Sword easy to learn, for people new to wargaming, as well as interesting and dynamic for experienced games. Time scale: One turn is about minutes of real time. Figure and unit scale: 1 figure resembles real soldiers.

    This means that an average banner of Polish horse will number 9 figures grouped on 3 bases about soldiers in reality. If you want to play bigger games 1 figure should be counted as 50 men, this will allow to treat one base with three figures as a full banner of cavalry. Terrain scale: 1cm reflects about 10 paces c.

    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
    With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword

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