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You've been warned. — Mysterious Goings on

A Guitar Forum. ID10T , Jun 15, I cant wait for the Firefly LP copys coming. Chocol8 , Jun 15, PsychoCid , Jun 15, Dang, they took the video down before I could see it. Mixed bag for me, because I like my Gibsons and I like train wrecks too.

You’ve Been Warned

BatUtilityBelt , Jun 16, Believer , Jun 16, Ok, this is just funny. What's funny is that Mickey Mouse's ears are a trademark feature of another company's intellectual property. Search titles only.

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Thread starter babai Start date Jan 6, When writing, I go to my office and close the door. When seriously writing, I put a do not disturb sign on the door handle. When I am on a get-5,words-done-or-else deadline, I do both, and add in a firm warning to my husband Gary to forget I exist until I exit my office. You see, Gary, unlike me, is not a procrastinator. He is a man of action—for him, to think is to do. He is also equal parts persistent and persuasive.

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On a recent day when I was struggling with a plot point and really, really needed uninterrupted writing time, Gary had plans to do some internet research. You might think that was a happy coinciding of activities. I would be busy, and he would be busy, and neither would interrupt the other. However, Gary is to computers as I am to arts and crafts.

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Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And when something goes wrong, he wants it fixed. Knowing this, I suggested he wait until I had finished writing for the day, and then I would be at his disposal. Soon, I was immersed in my plot, writing my lead character out of a tricky situation.


After a while, I dimly heard sounds of frustration coming from downstairs, but I kept on working. The screen is stuck! I opened the door.

Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned
Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned
Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned
Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned
Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned
Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned
Youve Been Warned Youve Been Warned

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